For a comprehensive workplace health promotion program to succeed, evidence-based policies and a supportive environment must be in place.1–4 Setting up exercise machines at the worksite and sending email reminders to eat fruits and vegetables are not enough on their own to motivate behavior change; these interventions must be supported by policies and environments that make health a strategic part of the overall company culture, values and mission.2,4 Below, we describe key policies and environmental factors that research and practice-based evidence have shown can enhance the success and impact of workplace health promotion programs.

Working Well: Tips to Improve Policies and Environment

Ban smoking in your worksite

Ensure employees have easy access to affordable, healthy foods

Encourage employees to be more physically active and support being active with evidence-based policies and benefits

Familiarize yourself with the laws, regulations and ethical issues surrounding workplace wellness programs

  • Build a Culture of Health

  • Institute Health-Promoting Policies

  • Establish a Supportive Workplace

  • Ensure that Programs are Legally
    and Ethically Compliant

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