Strong leadership is essential to the success of all aspects of your business, and workplace health promotion is no exception. Leaders exert a powerful influence over workplace culture, and research has shown that leadership support for worksite health promotion results in improved health outcomes.1,2 The American Heart Association’s CEO Roundtable health survey revealed that employees think it is important to see the CEO setting a healthy example and that employees who feel encouraged by senior management to participate are more likely to report positive outcomes.3 Leaders can support health promotion efforts by (1) establishing a clear vision and plan for the overall program, (2) connecting programs and policies to business goals, (3) leading by example in a visible and sincere way, (4) engaging the CEO and multiple levels of leadership in key communications and (5) providing the necessary resources for support. Taking these actions will help shape and maintain a healthy organizational culture.

Working Well: Top Tips for Leading Well

Develop a health promotion mission statement

Make well-being a central business goal

Show senior leadership participating in health activities

Communicate goals and activities around well-being from all levels of the organization

Support programs by dedicating necessary time, money and space

Establish a Clear Vision and
Plan for the Program

Connect Programs and Policies
to Business Goals

Lead by Example in a Visible
and Sincere Way

Engage the CEO and Multiple Levels
of Leadership in Key Communications

Provide the Necessary Resources
for Support