The American Heart Association CEO Roundtable

While many employers offer workplace health programs, few have the data they need to know what works best, and the know-how to implement best practices. That’s why more than 40 CEOs from some of America’s largest and most respected companies have joined the American Heart Association to create the AHA CEO Roundtable, dedicated to disseminating evidence-based approaches to workplace health. Learn more about the AHA CEO Roundtable and the members of this leadership collaborative.

AHA CEO Roundtable

“The companies represented on the CEO Roundtable and many others are instrumental in delivering high quality, cost effective health benefits to working Americans. The American Heart Association is an important catalyst to focus business on wellness and the other ways to provide the best benefits in the most affordable way for our employees.”

Brian Moynihan
CEO, Bank of America

“We know that when people feel their best, they perform their best. That’s why a key focus of the CEO Roundtable is to transform the culture of health in America’s workplaces and beyond.”

Alex Gorsky
Chairman and CEO, Johnson & Johnson

Our employees are what make our company great, and their health is an important part of our success. We know that, in the U.S., at least 200,000 deaths from heart disease could be prevented each year through changes in health habits. We need to make it easier for our employees to make these changes—to make healthy choices and lead healthy lives. That means leading by example.

Terry Lundgren
Executive Chairman, Macy’s, Inc.