Even a well-researched and well-planned program cannot achieve success without employee participation and active engagement. Your employees, and your business, will not receive any benefit if employees do not think the program is meaningful for them, personally, and believe they will gain from the experience. Thus, a successful health promotion program is one where people do more than simply “participate” – they need to feel engaged in a worthy endeavor where one’s personal mission aligns with that of the organization. Here are some ways to achieve high engagement by employees.

Gather information from employees in a needs assessment or focus group

Include leaders and representatives from many departments in your wellness committee

Use appropriate incentives to encourage participation and reward success

Use competitions, and allow family members to join

Keep messages fresh and communicate regularly

Involve Employees in
the Planning Process

Identify Employee Leaders
and Form Employee Advisory Groups
(Wellness Committees)

Encourage Participation and
Reward Results with Incentives

Tap into Competition

Include Family Members

Keep in Touch

Engagement is More
than Participation