To provide a comprehensive workplace wellness program—one which addresses the many and diverse needs and goals of employees—take advantage of partnership opportunities. Leveraging partnerships helps provide more and better services for employees than your organization could provide alone, leading to healthier employees, stronger community ties and an overall stronger company.

Working Well: Top Tips for Maximizing Partnerships

Choose partners whose goals align with yours

Capitalize on other organizations’ free-to-use, ready-made materials to help design, implement and sustain your employee wellness programs

Incorporate healthy activities into other company CSR activities

Host multi-vendor summits to help align goals and improve coordination

Engage unions from the start

  • Understand the Role of Your Corporation
    in the Community

  • Collaborate with Local Nonprofit, Faith-
    Based Organizations and Other
    Community Groups

  • Link Programs to Your Corporate Social
    Responsibility Strategy

  • Leverage Vendor Relationships

  • Collaborate with Unions

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