Understand the Role of Your Corporation in the Community

understand-the-roleProfit maximization is no longer the sole goal of corporations; instead, corporations play an important role in helping their local communities achieve social, economic, environmental and health-related goals.1–5 In fact, many of today’s business leaders consider it “good business” to have their employees contribute to the community in meaningful but not necessarily profit-driven ways.5–7 Companies now sponsor community service days, encourage pro bono work and even donate portions of profits to worthy charities.5–7 This philosophy of “doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do” can help you develop a culture of health within your organization, where employees feel encouraged by the organization to take care of their own and families’ physical, mental, social, financial and spiritual health. Moreover, despite their altruistic aims, community engagement efforts can help businesses’ bottom lines: businesses engaged in community health earn a reputation as being good corporate citizens, and have healthier, happier and more productive workers.5 Additionally, being socially responsible attracts new talent and reduces turnover.5,6 How the company addresses its role in the community, and thereby defines its purpose beyond profits, has an enormous impact on employee perceptions and, in turn, on its culture of health.2–4