Make Programs Customizable

make-programs-customizableBecause there is no “one size fits all” workplace program, wellness programs should be customizable to meet the current health needs and goals of your company’s employees.6 For example, some people prefer face-to-face, on-site health improvement coaching, whereas others prefer online coaching or even text messaging. Some people prefer yoga or relaxing walks, whereas others prefer high-intensity workouts. Some people may prefer simple pedometers that they can clip to their belts, whereas tech-savvy individuals may be more inclined to use smartphone apps or wearables that can offer reams of information on their daily physical activity levels.

Moreover, your company’s employees may not all be equally ready to change their health behaviors. Some may be just starting to consider adopting healthier behaviors, others may be ready to change but not sure how to go about it, and still others may be already in the midst of adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.7 It is important to customize programs to employees’ current readiness to change, in order to help people set appropriate goals and take appropriate actions.7

Customization also includes accounting for the different circumstances and backgrounds of employees.6 For example, highly educated individuals may prefer more nuanced scientific reading on health improvement they can take home, whereas employees with less education may prefer simpler charts, facts and figures that can be easily interpreted and applied to their lives.8,9 Well-customized programs address all the health needs of employees, promote employee engagement and help maximize the positive health impact.