Link Programs to Your Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

link-programsHealth promotion programs have long been considered a part of a corporation’s social responsibility.13 New studies have shown that corporate responsibility programs and, in particular, employee health programs are associated with higher stock prices.14,15 Thus, including workplace wellness programs as part of your corporate social responsibility strategy may improve both employee health and the company’s financial performance. Combining workplace wellness programs with corporate social responsibilities can also promote and sustain both programs. For example, moderate physical activity, such as 30 minutes of walking per day, is a great way to improve mental and physical health, and can be linked to existing community or charity projects such as company walkathons.16 Employers can also encourage employees to volunteer as dog walkers at local animal shelters, which would simultaneously encourage walking and stress relief, or to create a company garden and compost cafeteria scraps, which would simultaneously promote physical activity, reduce stress and reduce waste. By linking wellness programs to corporate social responsibility, employees become engaged not only in an individual health-promoting activity but also one that involves charitable work, which is often tied to a broader humanistic endeavor tied to one’s purpose and mission in life.