Leverage Vendor Relationships

leverage-vendor-relationshipsA large portion of workplace health promotion programs are managed by external vendors, in part because of the many advantages vendors can offer.17 For example, vendors can start a program quickly, cost about the same as internal management staff would, and can dedicate staff with knowledge and experience implementing and managing programs.17 Select a vendor for a health promotion program as you would for any other program: evaluate how much support the program will need from the vendor, whether the vendor has the capability of providing that support, and whether there is a good “fit” between the vendor and company culture, established programs and personnel.17 Remember, it is important to establish an agreement with the vendor where management and workers feel they have ownership of the program, not just the vendor.17

When using vendors’ services, consider hosting multi-vendor summits. A vendor summit brings all organizations engaged in employee health (e.g., occupational health and safety, risk management, health plan, EAP, data vendors) together to discuss their respective roles and goals, and how they can better work together. These summits ensure coordination, non-duplication and efficient management.