Leverage Partnerships

leverage-partnershipsFew employers can offer stand-alone, comprehensive workplace health promotion programs, so it is important to take advantage of available community linkages and other vendor programs already in place within an organization. Community organizations, such as health departments, health plans, provider groups, local gyms, YMCAs, faith-based organizations or health clinics can provide health-related programs and services that can complement what your company makes available internally. You can also leverage vendors that your company uses for human resources and related programs to offer health education and lectures, offer brief interventions or monitor and evaluate program impact.30 Examples of internal company vendors whose services can be leveraged and better coordinated include employee benefits, occupational health and safety, risk management, employee assistance programs, organizational development and medical and absence/disability management. Using available community and internal company resources will allow your organization to offer a more comprehensive and customized workplace wellness program, often at less cost than trying to do it all alone.