Offer Comprehensive Programs that Address Modifiable Unhealthy Behaviors

offer-comprehensive-programsA comprehensive program addresses multiple health risks and health conditions at once, taking into account not just individual behaviors, but also health-related programs, policies, benefits and environmental supports.5 To be comprehensive, your program should contain five key elements:

  1. Health education, which focuses on skill development and lifestyle behavior change tailored to employees’ interests and needs;
  2. Supportive physical and social environments, which include organizational policies and behavioral interventions to promote health;
  3. An integrated structure that’s an integral part of how the organization thinks and operates;
  4. Linkages to related programs like employee assistance programs (EAPs) and programs to help balance work and family, which support mental health; and
  5. Worksite screening programs linked to follow-up and treatment.5

These five elements address a full spectrum of risk factors and health conditions in a coordinated way.