Engage the CEO and Multiple Levels of Leadership in Key Communications

engage-the-ceoEffective communications campaigns often share similar elements. Specifically, experts recommend communications be (1) frequent, (2) varied in content, (3) multi-channel (e.g., email, face-to-face, newsletters) and (4) tailored to the target audience.30,31Communications coming from all levels of leadership can help achieve these targets. For example, email communications that come directly from top-level management let employees know that employee health is important to everyone in your organization, and that achieving health-related goals is a core value of the business.32 Communications from middle-level managers can come more frequently, and may be better tailored to the needs and goals of employees in specific departments.10 Communications can also come from “wellness champions,” employee leaders from various departments who take on the role of liaisons between management and employees in regards to the wellness program. Messages from wellness champions may have the greatest impact, as the messages come from the employees’ peers as opposed to being handed down from management.32 Ensure your leadership communications come from all levels of management, through a variety of routes, to help ensure the right message gets through.