Identify Employee Leaders and Form Employee Advisory Groups (Wellness Committees)

employee-leadersA multi-disciplinary employee advisory group (sometimes referred to as a wellness committee) brings together members of the organization with different perspectives to advise the development and implementation of the wellness program. These committees may have a variety of responsibilities, including evaluation of current programs and services, assessment of employee needs and desires, development of the health promotion plan and implementation and monitoring.5 Bring together a variety of people to form your committee so that you can ensure a diversity of perspectives and expertise. It is important to include representatives from departments that oversee employee health and have experience implementing policy changes. Including union representatives and managers from as many departments as possible is also necessary so that every employee group feels engaged in the process. Allowing employees to participate, or at least be represented, in the committee can lead to higher levels of commitment and satisfaction.6 Finally, seek input from people affected by the policy changes to show you care about their needs and will work with them to create a program that fits the company culture and employee interests.